Hey! My name's Jane Kim and I've got a ramblin' spirit that's from the wild green woods of Pennsylvania. Somehow, I managed to make it out of the forest in (mostly) one piece, and made my way to strike it out here in the rolling golden hills of the San Francisco Bay area. 

Flexible and perceptive, I like to think of myself as a laid back jack-of-all-trades and eager to learn new skills that help get the job done. As a creative, I approach a problem from all perspectives and won't shake it off till I solve it. Details don't escape me but I keep the "big picture" in mind and my role in it. I'm passionate about characters and storytelling in all different types of visual mediums - comics, games, film, television - you name it. No matter what it is that I am working on, whether it is an illustration, a 3D model, or an animated short you can bet that I'm thinking what the story is about and how to best tell it to the audience. 

I draw inspiration from my peers, friends, family, and most importantly, the world at large, because really, fact is stranger than fiction. My biggest aspiration is to make animation and games that are all about expanding the human experience and plain old fun.