Old Man Murray is quietly "living" out his peaceful afterlife, until one day Blake the Ghost Inspecter makes an unfortunate visit. A film by Diana Hsu (portfolio) and Jane Kim, produced at RIngling College of Art and Design, 2014. 

Film Background

Inspired by celebrity "ghost hunters" and their methods for annoying the long deceased spirits, Diana and I set out to create a fun thesis film that we developed from initial storyboards and visual development.  After six months of CG production from basic lambert models in Maya to final "ghostly" post-processing in Nuke, we created a film that we are proud to call our own. Here's a breakdown of what I was responsible for in this film: 

  • Storyboarded scenes from Blake's entry into the "ship-room" to Murray's close-up at the end. With Diana, we worked with professional voice actors to create dialogue and life to our characters. 
  • Designed and modeled "Blake" the Ghost Inspecter character from initial exploratory designs that explored different silhouettes and attitudes that best display Blake's passionate but obnoxious behavior.
  • Designed and modeled the camcorder and the ship in the bottle as well as major props in the "ship-room" such as bookshelves, thrown objects, radiator, wooden floor, ship room window and desk. Used a mixture of handpainted and photographic references to create textures.
  • Responsible for creating color keys to guide emotional shifts in the film and lighting of certain sequences using Renderman such as Blake's introduction, the scenes within the "ship room", the ghost chase down the hallway, and Blake's revelation at his body.
  • Responsible for animating Blake's introduction, most action sequences involving Blake and Murray, and the emotional reveal of Blake at the end. 
  • Researched and developed the ghostly transparency of Murray using Maya shaders and Nuke with the aid of Computer Animation professor and professional lighting mentor. Also developed look for the night vision within Nuke and After Effects. 

Please feel free to e-mail me using the mail button on the bottom corner of this page to ask me more about my role in this film - all CG work was split evenly between Diana Hsu and I.