Contract Animator WWE, Visual Concepts/2K Games, Novato, CA Jan 2018 - Sept 2018

Under the supervision of the Animation Director and assisting leads, was responsible for creating cinematics of wrestlers as well as polishing/stitching mo-cap animation for WWE 2K19's story mode and Create an Entrance modes. 

  • Animated cameras around mo-cap actor's performances using MotionBuilder as well as Visual Concepts' proprietary software, closely matching the performance of the real-world wrestler's unique entrances/victory scenes in WWE in terms of cinematography and acting.

  • Polished mo-cap animation and key-frame animations for complex team matches to stand alone narrative experiences in single-player mode.

  • Animated/polished facial mo-cap data using MotionBuilder and VC’s proprietary software

Cinematic Artist, Telltale Games, San Rafael, CA, Jun 2015 - Nov 2017

Worked with proprietary software to create compelling cutscenes and interactive sequences for a variety of narrative driven games. Responsible for the integrity of much of the visuals and interactive design on screen.

  • Animated cameras, staged, and acted out characters in The Walking Dead series, Batman: A Telltale Series, Minecraft: Story Mode, and other games in both dramatic and comedic scenes from thumbnail stage to fully interactive scenes.

  • Created action and acting performances with characters  utilizing the principles of animation involving anticipation, squash and stretch, follow through, overlap, and more.

  • Collaborated with Animation, Programming, Design, VFX, and SFX artists along with leads and directors to implement visuals and design.

  • Shipped 7 titles within this fast paced environment - achieved every aggressive deadline and implemented feedback in quick iteration for director and leads reviews.

Contract 3D Artist, Escape Fuel Games, Redmond, WA, Sept – Nov 2014 (On Hiatus)

In a small team, created 3D weapon assets and animation that were implemented for an as of yet unreleased stylized sci-fi shooter game.

  • Modeled, textured, and exported low poly weapon assets ready for implementation in Unity

  • Developed animations of enemy fighter units to explore stylization and character.

  • Contributed to critiques of 2D/3D assets and game builds with team, discussing design/visual choices.

  • Rapidly researched and utilized the Spine 2D bone animation program to develop efficient 2D character animations and a new animation workflow for Unity, providing documentation to aid artists on the team.

3D ANIMATION, Ringling College of Art & Design, Sarasota, FL, 2011 – 2014

As part of an upper level animation course, teamed up with a fellow student to develop several short film ideas, one of which was executed in 3D under a 6 month time frame under the guidance of faculty and professional mentors in intensive critique sessions.

  • Animated characters in both cartoony and realistic styles from initial storyboards and visual designs, explored acting choices and emotions with thumbnails and video reference.

  • Modeled, rigged, textured, and lit characters, props, and set dressed environments

  • Quickly learned and utilized programs such as ZBrush, Nuke, and After Effects to achieve visual goals.

  • Color-corrected, composited, and developed special ghostly effects in post-production for thesis film.


Software Proficiencies: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, MotionBuilder  Premiere, Illustrator, Motion Builder, ZBrush, After Effects, Unity3D.

Personal Skills: Cinematography/Pre-Viz, Motion Capture, Storyboarding, 3D Animation, Low poly 3D modeling, and Hand-Painted texturing, Digital Illustration, Figure Drawing, Narrative Storytelling and driven problem solver. 

Diligent and flexible worker. Easygoing and collaborative. Proficient traditional and digital skills in representational figure drawing and painting, Basic conversational skills in Korean. 


Ringling College of Art + Design, Sarasota, FL

B.F.A. in Computer Animation - May, 2014.
Additional coursework in figure drawing and painting.

Glenn Vilppu Figure Workshop, Sarasota, FL

Spring, 2013. Worked extensively from the human figure, drawing to demonstrate gesture, anatomy, and form.


Day of the Devs, 2017 - Volunteered as a staff member helping set up booths for iam8bit's booth as well as indie game dev booths.

President’s List, 2010-2011

Best of Ringling, Juried Exhibition, 2011 – 2D animated lipsync and 3D walk cycle animation selected by Ringling Computer Animation Faculty.


Avid analyst of stories and characters and bringing them to life through conceptual development, 3D art, and animation.  Particular interest in video games focusing on narrative and art, reading comics of all kinds, sharpening culinary skills, and wandering through the woods.