A reel comprised of my work at Telltale Games from 2015-2017 along with personal 3D animations, consisting of camera movement, character performance and editing.

1.) Batman: The Telltale Series, episode 5. 
Responsible for action choreography, acting performance, cinematography, and editing.

2.) Walking Dead: Michonne, episode 1.
Responsible for minor action choreography, acting performance, cinematography for select parts, and editing.

3.) The Haunted, a 3D animated short film I worked on with my teammate, Diana Hsu.  
Responsible for storyboarding, layout, animation, lighting, and compositing. 

4.) Exaggerated Push/Pull, animation - 
Responsible for everything, including texturing and modeling. Rigging done with TSM. 

5.) Minecraft Story Mode, episode 5.
 Responsible for scene set up, action choreography, cinematography, acting performance, and editing.

6.) Batman: The Telltale Series, episode 2. Crime Alley. 
Responsible for scene set up, cinematography, initial acting performance, and editing.

Batman: The Telltale Series, Walking Dead: Michonne, and Minecraft: Story Mode are © to Telltale Games. 
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